Baby Quilts

Basic Layout
Basic Layout for a Baby Quilt

2010, the year of the baby. At least for those I love. My good friends' kids are having kids. Such is the cycle of life. So it was time to get busy and figure out how to efficiently make fun little quilts that are simple to make and can withstand being thrown on the floor and washed a lot. I make baby quilts for babies to snuggle under. My kids slept with their baby quilts for years so I hope the ones I make will get that kind of use.

I have designed a quilt that uses six fat quarters and then a bit extra for borders and backing. I call it Baby Turning Six based on the idea behind the Turning Twenty quilts. I originally adapted that idea using twelve fabrics to make a lap quilt and thought I would try it again using only six for a baby quilt. My goal is to finish a baby quilt to be about 40" x 50" so I will not have to piece the backing and the baby can cover up with it for many years. Not all the baby quilts are made exactly like this but it is a jumping off point. I have found once I do something I don't want to do it over and over.

One important note about making Baby Turning Sixes and Turning Twelves - buy one or two extra fat quarters. When you get the fabrics home, cut, and layed out there is usually one fabric that doesn't work, and it is that one extra fabric that makes the whole quilt pop.

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