Nolan's Quilt

Nolan's Quilt
Monkeyin' Around

After I had such fun making a quilt called Turtle Twist earlier in the year I decided that pattern could be used to make other baby quilts. The idea is to find a focus fabric to use on the inner border to set your theme. I chose this cute monkey fabric for Nolan. And just like the Blue Meadow Designers did in Turtle Twist, I let the monkey print determine what I would put in the focus rectangles. I scanned the three monkeys and enlarged them. They were the templates for my Monkeys Swinging on a Vine appliqué.

On the outside border of this quilt I quilted in Nolan's stats. I included his full name, the time and date of his birth, his weight and height, and the city and state where he was born. To fill in the gaps I quilted in more monkeys from the focus fabric

The quilt is 41" x 47". It is raw-edged machine appliquéd, machine pieced, and machine quilted.

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