My First Quilt

You have to have a first, and this is mine. I started quilting in 1983. I took a quilting class so I could teach my friend Ruth how to quilt. I didn't care anything about quilts at the time but by the end of the class I was hooked on the habit! I taught Ruth, and we became great quilting buds. I wish I could remember the name of my teacher. She did an excellent job of teaching me the basics of hand piecing and quilting.

The 4 blocks in this piece starting at the left corner and going clockwise are the Postage Stamp Basket, Grandmother's Flower Garden, Dresden Plate, and Ohio Star. These are all very traditional blocks but they give you the basics you need for hand piecing.

For the purpose of this website, I will call wallhangings any piece that is too big to be a miniature but too small to snuggle under. If you are a first time quilter look for someone to teach you how to make these blocks and then you are set to go from there.

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