Calico Garden Dolls

Lorraine's Quilt
For our friend Lorraine

Lorraine Hofmann, Elaine Walizer, and I became interested in making quilts inspired by the Florence Peto quilt Calico Garden. In November of 2007 we formed a group called Calico Gardeners and asked those interested as well to join us. We meet monthly and after making our own versions of the Calico Garden quilt we continue to inspire one another in our quilt making.

In the late spring of 2010 Lorraine returned to her native Vermont. Before she left we presented to her doll blocks that represented each of us. When they are sewn together the shape in the hand of each doll becomes a heart. We gave her the blocks to look at but kept them so we could put them together in a quilt which we gave to her when she visited us the summer of 2011. For a closer look at each block go the slideshow.

The quilt is 36" square. It is hand and machine pieced and appliquéd and machine quilted.

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