Twists and Turns

If you fuzz your eyes, does it look 3-D?

There used to be a shop in Fayetteville, Arkansas called The Spinning Star run a man named Mitch. He seemed to specialize in batiks and 30's reproduction fabrics. And he had an intriguing quilt on the wall which I loved. So this is my version of that quilt. The original quilt had just one block. Electric Quilt 6 calls this the Rolling Star block. I wanted to play with it to see what design would be created when three more were added.

The red is suppose to spin or twist out like a spoke. And the light blue fabric does the same. The effect wasn't exactly acheived. Oh well. There is still a 3-D effect. See if you see it. Look at the center of any of the stars. Four buildings seem to rise up to you. Click here if you want a copies of the block to create your own pattern. When you are on that page, you can click on File...Print to print out the outline drawing of the block.

This 16" miniature was hand pieced and machine quilted for my son Philip's office in 2005 though it now resides in his old bathroom at my house.

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