How To Get Phone Numbers and Addresses

Information at your finger tips.

This is the easiest way to look up addresses and phone numbers, whether you are on your cell phone (provided you have text messaging) or sitting at your computer.

Although this application is an SMS (short message service) designed by Google for your mobile phone, I have it bookmarked on my computer when I want to quickly look up the phone number or address of a business.

To see how it works go to Go down to where it says, "Try an Interactive Demo" and in the box with the word Help type the name of your favorite local quilt shop and your zip code. The name, address, and phone number appear in the phone image like the one to the right.

Try typing a more general search like pizza and the name of your town. It will give you suggestions.

Bookmark it now on your computer for an easy information source and add it to your contact list on your phone. There is no charge for the service but standard text message rates will be applied.

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