All The Cats I Have Loved Before and Then Brought Home to Live With My Mother

Jill and Yoshi

This was such a fun quilt to make in 2005 after putting together 225 Dear Jane blocks. All cat lovers should make this quilt from The Buggy Barn. After hand quilting the backgrounds and cats to bring out the details of the twelve fabrics, it was a fun challenge to look for just the right pair of buttons for each cat's eyes. The flowers have woolen centers - easy to work with and another interesting detail. If I ever make it again it would be a great one for machine quilting.

The story behind the quilt's name: My daughter Jill went through her cat rescuing stage. And though she lived in Dallas at the time somehow I ended up with Ewan, Oscar, a.k.a. Tank, Lily, and J. The cat she is holding is Yoshi who came to live with me when my son Philip could no longer keep him. Jill did go over to the dark side for a while when she went to live with George and Dmitry. But it didn't take long for Jill's love of cats to rub off on her husband Dmitry. Soon he started visiting shelters, and he fell in love with Khrissa. And when George sadly passed away, Dmitry headed back to the shelter and brought home little trouble maker Garth Beyder. But since they all live in Portland, Oregon I don't think I have to worry too much about these kitties coming to my home.

Thank you Philip for holding my hand while I code these pages and Jill for designing the logo and overall look of this site.

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